The big 3-4

It’s so weird to think of myself as 34.  I remember being 13 and thinking 34 was ancient and now that I am here I still feel like the same old Cyn I have always been- with a few more pounds and aches and pains.  I’m blessed to be here.

My birthday kicked off last Wednesday with a surprise from my Honey.  He bought me a brand new laptop running Windows 8. I was so excited and I love it.  It’s both a want and a need and I love learning to use Windows 8.  I can finish this last year of grad school without worrying about a laptop now.  I’m getting my hair done tonight and my sisters is taking me to pick up a used treadmill on Saturday.   More than the gifts though, I am grateful for a great guy who takes good care of me, an awesome family and friends and this wonderful life of mine.

This time last year I didn’t guess I’d be living in Texas, but God has taken my life in a new direction and I’m glad that we all heeded his call.  I’m not where I wanna be yet, but I’m certainly on the path and I can’t wait to see and experience all that this 34th year has in store.

Happy Birthday to me!

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4 Responses to The big 3-4

  1. Mrs. Pancakes says:

    Awww happy birthday!!

  2. Krissy says:

    happy belated bday!

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